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The Value of Home Aesthetics

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The Value of Home Aesthetics

Tom O'Dwyer

As an Engineer and Home Inspector, my professional focus has always been on the "bones" of the house; the mechanical and structural entities that together form the functionality and longevity of the home.

That being said, based on my observation, many potential home buyers get very hung up on Home Aesthetics.  Buyers become wide eyed for granite countertops, modern appliances, paint color, and generally well staged homes. 

In most cases, the home is immediately judged based on its looks and looks alone. The majority of these buyers will inherently choose something that is modern and "ticky-tacky" over a poorly decorated yet solid home. From an engineering standpoint, this psychology can be frustrating to say the least.  

The ideology of aesthetics also supports just how necessary a reputable Home Inspection actually is. Regardless of appearances, an independent third party Home Inspection should always be performed prior to purchase.

From a sellers perspective it's no secret; good home maintenance and decor will certainly increase the value of a home and decrease the time it takes to sell. 

From the buyers perspective; there are many ways to improve and update the looks of an older home, but not all of these improvements need to break the bank. Improving your homes aesthetics can be achieved on a tight budget; what's needed is some creativity, inspiration, and DIY work ethic. The payoff is achieving a tastseful home with added equity. 

Photo Curtosy of BuzzFeed

Photo Curtosy of BuzzFeed

It goes without saying that any home improvement projects regarding structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, remediation, etc. should only be performed by a licensed professional. That being said, there are many easy DIY aesthetic improvements that can yield great results and improve the overall look of your home.

The following article posted by BuzzFeed lists 40 examples of DIY inspirational ideas:

A creative mindset backed with with a strong work ethic can transform a dated house from an eyesore to a cozy gem. These aesthetic improvements are a good thing to keep in mind if your planning to buy or sell a home. 

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